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A Corgi is a wonderful pet that is sure to fill your life with joy. Given all their cuteness, you may be wondering what the price of a Corgi really is.

After all, that adorable waddle surely comes with a not so cute price tag attatched…

Or does it?

There are a few factors to consider when adding up the price of a corgi, starting with whether you will adopt the dog from a shelter or purchase from a breeder.

corgi puppy

Typically, the cost of a Corgi from a breeder can range from $1,000.00 to 2,200.00, with the average price of a Corgi being somewhere around $1500.00.

The age of the Corgi makes a difference in the cost of the Corgi, as well. Puppies require a lot more upfront cost.

Once the puppy is an adult, around two years old, the costs level off. When the dog reaches the senior age, there may be more veterinary costs. The other considerations aside from veterinary costs, are food, toys, boarding, and dog walking.

Again, as we will discover, the price of Corgi puppies alone does not reflect the entire cost of raising one of these sweet fellows from a pup through to adulthood. 

It is common to adopt or purchase a puppy without realizing the full cost of ownership.

Sadly, sometimes these pups have to be rehomed because the owners can no longer afford them.

Therefore, you must factor all of these things into your budget before you can really know the true cost of a Corgi, a Samoyed, or any other breed of dog for that matter. 

Corgi Breed Info

The Corgi is a delightful breed of canine, sure to bring you many years of joyful companionship.

The full name for the breed is Welsh Corgi. A Welsh Corgi can be either a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Pembrokeshire, Wales or it can be a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which is actually a descendent of the Husky breed.

Corgis are be the preferred breed of Queen Elizabeth. This is part of the reason they are so popular.

Stocky and full of energy, the Corgis are a small herding dog breed. Herding dogs are extremely intelligent.

The name Corgi is the Welsh word for dwarf. They are fairly small dogs, averaging about 11 inches and about 26 pounds.

The have a thick coat that can be any shade of blonde, red, brown, and even black.

Price of a Corgi

The American Kennel Club says the cost of a Corgi from a breeder can range from $1,000.00 to 2,200.00, with the average Corgi price being somewhere around $1500.00.

The more reputable the breeder, the more you can expect to pay.

The price of a Corgi is typically dependent on the breeder reputation, how many litters the parents have had, whether or not the dog is AKC certified, and if genetic testing has been done on the parents of the puppy.

If you are planning to breed your Corgi, these certifications and testing are important.

Likewise, if you are thinking about training and showing your Corgi in dog shows, the ancestry of the puppy you choose is vital to its performance.

You will only know this information if you buy a puppy from a breeder with well-kept records. All of these factors increase the cost of a Corgi.

Should you be interested in adopting from a shelter, the price of a Corgi is significantly lower – if you can find one who needs to be adopted, that is!

The Corgi is a popular breed for its size, personality, and companionship.

Shelters will have an adoption fee anywhere from $75.00 to $300.00, and you will likely have to cover the cost of spay or neutering before you can take home your new best friend.

Licensing Your Pet

Depending on your local city or state laws, you may have to register and license your pet.

This typically entails obtaining a rabies vaccination, paying a licensing fee, and purchasing tags for your dog’s collar that prove they are licensed.

You can also purchase additional dog collar tags with your name and phone number in case your Corgi ever slips away from you.

The license fee and rabies shot is typically around $50 a year.

Microchipping Your Corgi

Another way to be sure your pet is returned to you if they should ever get lost is to have them microchipped.

This simple process involves having a tiny chip placed under your dog’s skin.

The chip can then help animal control services, or your local shelter or veterinarian identify the owner, and they can return your Corgi to you.

The cost of this service is usually around $50.00 and includes registry in the pet lookup database.

This is a small price to pay for the security of having your pet returned to you if lost.

Health and Wellness Costs

As you are beginning to learn, there are a variety of factors that you must consider to get the full picture of what you’ll spend as a Corgi owner. 

Below are just a few of the important factors to consider. 

Vet Bills

Also factored into the price of a Corgi is the cost of veterinary care. The initial veterinary visit may cost $100-$250.00, depending on services needed.

You will have to consider whether the dog needs to be spayed or neutered, treated for fleas, and given vaccinations and wormers.

Taking care of your Corgi includes regular veterinary visits, therefore you will have to budget for continued care after you have chosen your puppy.

Each subsequent visit to the veterinarian will cost between $40-$200.00, depending on services rendered.

Cost of Pet Insurance 

One solution for veterinary care for your Corgi is to obtain veterinary or pet insurance.

This insurance policy is similar to health insurance for humans, but it is tailored to veterinary services.

You must factor Veterinary insurance into the cost of a Corgi to be sure you are covered should a medical emergency arise.

Most plans cost somewhere between $30.00 to $50.00 each month and can save you a good amount of money if your Corgi should need an operation or extensive veterinary care.

Buying Basic Items You’ll Need

The total cost of owning a Corgi also includes many toys, comfort items and training necessities. 

Comfort and Ease 

First, you will need a kennel for training and sleeping.

You may want a car transporter for veterinary visits and dog park play dates, as well. A comfortable dog bed or pillow will provide comfort during rest times.

A dog bed or pillow and kennel will add about $100.00 to your total Corgi cost.


Corgis are very active dogs, so they need a variety of toys to prevent boredom.

The Corgi is a tracking dog and a herding dog, therefore they need toys that encourage and reward this behavior.

Balls with a basket for their return are a must.

Toys that can be chased are also important. Some Corgi owners purchase laser pointers for their pets to chase for those days they can’t spend much time outdoors.

You will have to spend some time getting to know your Corgi to fully understand what kind of toys they will like best.

In essence, some dogs need more chew toys and some dogs need more chase toys. A good mixture of stuffed toys, hard balls, and small hoops for collecting will be a good start.

You can expect to spend around $40.00 on your first toy haul.

Training Costs

Corgis are wonderfully obedient dogs; therefore they are relatively easy to train.

You can expect to add about $250.00 for professional, in-person obedience training to $2800.00 for a boarding and training program to the overall Corgi ownership price.

At the minimum, you will need to invest in a training book or better yet, one of the online dog training courses listed here

If you’re on a strict budget, books/resources will range from being free at your local library or online, to about $100.00.

There are dog trainers who will come to your home and there are dog trainers who work in a facility.

Cost of Walking, Boarding & Grooming

Several other costs associated with the proper care of any dog should be added to the list of cost factors.

Dog Walkers

If you live in an apartment, work out of the home, or are disabled you will need to add dog-walking to the cost of your Corgi.

Dog walkers usually walk more than one dog at a time and charge anywhere from $5-20 per walk.

Because the Corgi is a short-legged breed, the dog walker should be one who walks similar breeds at the same time.

It may be hard for a Corgi to keep up with a large breed dog, such as a Boxer or Labrador.

Professional dog-walking isn’t always necessary. A kind neighbor or teenager may be interested in making a few dollars.

If so, then you can both save money and have a person dedicated to your dog only.

Boarding Your Corgi

If you travel for work or pleasure and cannot take your beloved pet with you, you will need to budget for boarding overnight.

Some veterinarians offer this service, but there are also many pet boarding services that offer daycare and overnight stays.

Like a hotel for your pup, there will be food, activities, and sleeping quarters provided. This cost is typically around $40.00 per night.

There are, of course, alternatives to pet boarding to reduce the total Corgi cost.

You could hire a pet sitter in your home (commonly around $100.00 per week) or ask a relative to care for your pet while you are away.

Dog Grooming

Your Corgi will need attention from the groomer at least twice a year.

Their medium length, thick coat needs to be groomed to prevent matting and discomfort. Also, you must trim their nails occasionally.

This cost can range from $80.00 – $300.00 per visit, depending on services rendered and the groomer you choose.

Additionally, you will need some grooming tools of your own to keep up with regular care of your Corgi.

A good coat brush, toothbrush or teeth chews, and nail file will be needed in your doggie tool kit.

Feeding Your Corgi

a corgi sitting and looking up eagerly

Finally, you will need to feed your Corgi quality food and treats. Corgis are small breed dogs, so they do not eat as much as larger breeds.

When selecting a food for your dog, consider their thick coat and active lifestyle.

Asking your veterinarian for advice on selecting a quality dog food is the best place to start.

Some dogs enjoy pricier wet food while most dogs do just fine with crunchy, dry kibble style food.

Many dog owners are switching to raw, natural, or grain-free diets, but you should ask your veterinarian about these options.

Corgis only eat about half a cup of food per day, therefore you should buy their food in smaller bags if you only have one Corgi.

Buying food in bulk for a small dog will not really save you money if the food goes stale and the dog refuses to eat it.

Dog food is perishable, and it can attract pests. Be sure to store your dog food in an airtight container.

Because Corgis are prone to obesity, it is important not to overfeed your pup. Most dog foods cost around $20.00 – $40.00 for a 15-pound bag of food, depending on the brand.

Treats could run you as much as $8.00 per week.

When all costs are considered, the total Corgi cost is around $5,000.00 the first year.

This includes the initial cost of your puppy and major purchases. The annual cost of owning a Corgi is around $3,000.00 per year, or about $250.00 per month.

This considers the cost of food and treats, dog-walking, boarding, grooming, veterinary care, licensing, and toy replacement.

Reducing the Costs

smiling corgi

There are, of course, some things that don’t cost anything at all.

You need to spend time and attention to provide your pet with proper bonding and connection to you and your family. Corgis are social dogs and enjoy playtime with other dogs.

Be sure to find out if there is a dog park in your neighborhood and, if so, see if there is a small-breed playtime or a restricted time when large dogs are off-limits.

Be sure to do your research on every item and service needed for responsible dog ownership.

Though the costs listed above are averages, dog owners can often reduce these costs substantially with good homework.

Sometimes, new boarding facilities offer reduced rates, or existing facilities may offer packages at a significant savings.

Also, you can order food through a wholesale club.

In some cases, veterinary schools may offer reduced-fee care.

Search for the best deals for your pet, but don’t sacrifice quality.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, therefor you need to be prepared for all of the costs that accompany canine companionship.

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