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Did you know that some dogs out there are magical? As in, they make incredible escape artists. This also means that they can squeeze out of a walking harness, which can be dangerous if you are out for a walk or job without an effective escape proof dog harness.

Amazingly, some dogs have this magical ability to squeeze through the smallest holes and cracks of a gate or fence. Somehow, they seem to defy the laws of physics.

Dogs such as Terriers and Feist Dogs are natural escape artists, but many other dogs are prone to this instinct too.

In general, an escape-proof dog harness can be a great choice if you have a dog that loves to break free.

Basically, these harnesses come equipped with extra straps and designs that keep your dogs from squeezing out of them.

In this article, we will give an extensive run-down of the top contending harnesses.

In addition, each product has been given an in-depth review by our experienced team, so you can make the right choice for you and your pooch!

Top Picks

Why do you need an Escape Proof Dog Harness?

In general, there are several benefits of having an escape proof dog harness.

All in all, any dog owner who is concerned about their dog’s safety and wellbeing should seriously consider one of these highly useful devices! Some of the benefits of dog harnesses are:

Preventing Injuries

Generally, using an escape-proof dog harness will decrease the risk of neck injuries.

Basically, when your dog is on their leash and they start to pull, the pressure that is applied goes to their throat since that’s where the collar sits. 

While we always encourage proper leash training, some dogs are just born pullers. For these pullers, collars risk an injury to your dog’s trachea while a harness will disperse pressure over your dog’s chest and body instead.

Better Control

Offering better control, an escape-proof dog harness lets you redirect your dog away from danger or obstacles more easily than just a collar.

In addition, it can also help you keep them from running after other animals, if your dog has a strong predatory instinct.

Harnesses that include a top handle allows you to keep your dog secure and not running into danger.

Training Aid

An escape-proof dog harness also helps you to train your dog, thanks to the front attachment point that lets you conduct no-pull training and lets your dog learn not to pull on it.

In addition, it can keep your dog from getting tangled in the leash, which is safer for both of you.

Peace of Mind

Of course, an escape proof dog harness is a device created to keep your dog from escaping when you are out on a walk. 

Overall, this type of harness is meant to keep your dog safe and secure without hurting them.

Why Does a Dog Want to Escape?

In general, there are several reasons why a dog may want to escape from their harness:

Poor quality

Of course, if your dog is uncomfortable in their dog harness, it makes sense that they would want to get out of it.


A nervous dog may want to escape their leash when they are scared by a noise or encountering something new.

Usually, their first instinct will be to get out of the harness and get as far away as possible.

Leash aversion

Some dogs also just don’t like being on a leash since it restricts their movement.

Remember, if your dog is upset about being on the leash, it may be necessary to desensitize them to the leash in order to train them and make them more comfortable.

Strong prey drive

Dogs were born to chase. As a result, their strong prey drive means they’ll have a strong desire to get out of the harness as quickly as possible to chase squirrels and other animals.

Features to Look for When Choosing an Escape Proof Dog Harness


Of course, choosing the right size is the biggest consideration when choosing an escape-proof dog harness.

A harness that is too loose won’t be effective at keeping your dog from escaping. On the other hand, a harness that is too tight can hurt or even injure your pup.

Therefore, the better the harness fits your dog, the more likely it will stay on and they won’t fight to get into it.

It’s important to take measurements of your dog and look over the available sizes carefully for each harness you are considering.

Remember, getting precise measurements can be a little tricky. Often, this is especially true around the thicker areas of your pup’s body, specifically around their ribcage and behind their front legs.

In general, if you find that your dog’s measurements fall between two of the available sizes, then choose the larger one to ensure their comfort and adjust it from there.

Front-Clip Harness versus Back-Clip Harness

When considering either a front or back-clip harness, remember that it really depends on what you want to achieve and how your pup behaves.

Usually, manufacturers include the front clip to prevent leash pulling and allows you to easily redirect your pup, so it can be a good choice for dogs that pull.

Typically, you will often see front clip harnesses sold as a no-pull harness for that reason.

In comparison, a back-clip harness is a good choice for a dog that already walks well on their leash.

Offering your dog more maneuverability, this harness is also more comfortable for them to walk in.

Of course, if you aren’t entirely sure which is better for your dog, you can always choose harnesses that come with both a front and back-clip.


Having an escape-proof harness that your dog can easily chew through and escape from isn’t going to work well.

Therefore, its important to look for material your pup won’t be able to chew through or a harness that comes with several, broader straps that aren’t easy to chew up.

In addition, you can find a harness that comes with a back clip that is strategically placed, so your dog won’t be able to reach it.

Also, look for a sturdy material that your dog won’t be able to break out of.

Strong materials like neoprene and nylon webbing are ideal.

That said, you also need to make sure that the buckles and straps are durable and strong enough to prevent your dog from getting free.

Always choose a harness that works best for your chosen activity.

For example, if you are using the harness for dog training, you will need a harness made with lightweight material.


Importantly, padding helps to reduce friction in their neck and chest area.

This is particularly vital if your dog pulls a lot. Remember, always look for a harness that uses padding to stop skin irritation and chafing any time your dog tugs on the leash.

1. CosyMeadow Escape Proof Dog Harness

escape proof dog harness

Featuring a unique design, CosyMeadow created this Dog Harness to keep your dog secure using a chest strap intended to sit just behind their rib cage.

Thanks to this design, your dog will have a more difficult time maneuvering their elbows through it and freeing themselves.

With a secure fit, this escape proof dog harness uses a mix of neoprene and nylon webbing and includes strong components like the welded metal rings and heavy-duty buckles.

Offering a secure fit, the CosyMeadow Dog Harness includes a handle that helps you to control your pup or help them negotiate over an obstacle.

The included reflective thread in the stitching makes your dog easy to see in dark or poorly lit conditions.

Available in Lime Green, Jet Black, Blaze Orange, and Ferrari Red, you have four sizes to choose from running from small to extra-large.

With the adjustable chest and neck straps, it is simple to get a good fit and to prevent an escape.

This non-choking harness won’t injure your dog’s trachea or throat like some collars on the market.

Plus, the soft padded sleeves will stop any sensitive areas on your dog’s legs from rubbing.

The strong and thick welded metal rings on the CosyMeadow God Harness are made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust or break. And the quick release buckles make it is easy to put on and take off your pet.


  • It works well in keeping your dog from escaping.
  • This harness prevents dog’s from pulling.
  • It is super easy to take off and put on.


  • It’s easy for dogs to chew through.
  • Unfortunately, some dogs can still wiggle out of it.t

2. Web Master by Ruffwear

A great choice for dogs that are escape artists, the Web Master by Ruffwear uses three separate straps to wraps around your dog’s stomach and chest.

While it’s very secure, this harness is also easy to remove and put on.

Offering five points of adjustment, this harness provides a custom fit that your dog will have a hard to wiggle out of.

With its secure fit, this harness is anatomically designed to fit your dog and is ideal for working dogs, service animals, and when you encounter tough terrain.

The customizable fit includes five adjustment points, two leash connections, a webbing loop, and an anodized aluminum V-ring.

Featuring durable construction, the creators build this harness to last you years.

The Web Mater by Ruffwear is rugged, resilient, and lightweight making it a good choice for use year-round.

Plus, it also comes with a designated area where you can place signage or patches.

This high-quality harness uses an extra stomach strap to improve the security of the fit.

These straps are padded to provide a comfortable fit as well as dispense the form that is employed by the leash.

On top of the harness is a padded handle that is held securely in place with a webbing-reinforced aluminum attachment ring.


  • It is difficult for dogs to squeeze out of.
  • This is a high-quality harness that stops dogs from pulling.
  • There is padding on the bottom straps that keep them from causing chaffing.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a front attachment for a leash.
  • The harness is hard to adjust.

3. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness 

tactical dog harness

Offering five points of adjustment, the Rabitgoo Tactical Harness has a military-style design to keep your dog secure.

Using heavy-duty parts, this escape-free harness was created to last you years and withstand any abuse your dog can throw at it. This half-body harness is designed with two attachment points for a leash with one on your dog’s chest and the other on their back.

Providing a secure fit, the Rabbitgoo Tactical Harness offers flexibility and comfort for your dog.

With the handle on the harness’s back, you can easily maneuver and lift your dog when necessary.

Velcro strips are sewn into the harness on top allowing you to attach gear or patches to the harness.

It is available in either black or khaki as well as sizes in either medium or large.

The two metals buckles have undergone a 1000-pound proof-load test on the shoulder position where the most load-bearing point is found when the dog is pulling.

This harness also features stitching by Bartack and features a no pulling front clip that redirects the dog forward.

It also allows you to keep control of your pet while less effort and while you train your pup to walk alongside you.


  • This is a well-made harness that fits dogs well.
  • The handle is helpful when controlling your pup.
  • The Velcro straps are handy and helpful.


  • It doesn’t fit shorter dogs well.
  • It doesn’t come in small sizes.

4. The Harness Lead

Made with double-braided nylon, The Harness Lead is an all-in-one harness and leash system created to keep your pup secure as you walk.

This escape-resistant harness grows tighter as your dog pulls helping to stop most escape attempts.

With 3,700 pounds of tensile strength, this harness uses rubber stoppers for adjustments, which also stop it from loosening up or becoming overtight.

The Harness Lead will reduce pull by gently tightening around the barrel of your dog and not their neck.

It works by utilizing your dog’s own pressure against the leash to encourage them to slow down their pace.

Made with a lightweight but heavy-duty rope, this is a sturdy and resilient harness that will last you years.

The Harness Lead easily adjusts to any body type or size dog. Simply move the black stops, and it will fit your dog perfectly.

Plus, it comes with a leash length that varies according to your dog’s size.

Similar in appearance to a slip lead, The Harness Lead has a wrap-around design that encircles your pup’s shoulders and chest.

Available in either small/medium or medium/large, you can purchase this harness in either red, plum, pink, peacock, orange reflective, lotus, blue, and black.


  • It works well to keep dogs from escaping.
  • This harness works to stop pulling as you walk.
  • It’s an affordable harness that is flexible and comfortable.


  • It has a learning curve.
  • The leash is only six feet long.

5. Mihachi Dog Harness

padded dog harness

Using an added strap, the Mihachi Dog Harness uses an effective design to keep your dog secure in their harness.

This comfortable escape-proof harness also comes with a very secure top handle. In addition, the padded straps ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Also, it uses reflective stitching in order to keep your dog visible on walks.

With three straps, the Mihachi Dog Harness includes clip-on straps that encircle their chest, another goes around their stomach, and the last one goes around their ribs.

Essentially, these straps also help to evenly distribute the load for added comfort.

Available in either medium or large, this escape-free harness comes in only one-color pattern of gray and black.

Providing a full range of motion, the Mihachi Dog Harness is stable and lightweight.

Made with a high-intensity polyester, this durable, washable, and non-toxic harness includes a soft, breathable, and comfortable mesh material.

This sturdy material also features soft edges that won’t chafe your pet’s body.

The handle is fashionable and practical. Ontop of that, it is strong enough to handle a large breed like a German Shepphard or a Samoyed as well as help your pet over obstacles.

Padded belly support on the harness vest along with leg loops gives you balanced lifting, controllable, and comfortable as well as great load dispersion.

You can also stow the leg loops for improved mobility during the approach.


  • This is a strong and effective harness.
  • It also comes with a handle and reflective stitching.
  • This is a great design to prevent dogs from getting free during a walk.


  • The stitching can break.
  • The tummy pad can move around and rub against your dog’s belly.

6. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

tactical dog harness
Durable and lightweight, the OneTigris Dog Harness is one of the better all-around escape harnesses on the market.

Offering a comfortable fit, the manufacturers designed this harness for a large breed dog, but it does also come in smaller sizes for medium breeds.

You can customize this harness in a couple of ways to ensure added security.

With chest and neck straps you can adjust, it is easy to adjust the chest and neck straps to make sure they aren’t too tight or loose.

Plus, it includes an added V-ring attachment where you can easily connect the leash. 

In addition, it has a front control loop for additional control when your dog shows aggression when you are walking.

This adjustable harness is made with strong 1000D nylon and padding for a comfortable fit.

This is an easy to adjust harness with a top handle that is convenient for traffic control.

The four buckles have an easy release feature that provides extra security while also making it easy to take the harness on and off.

With its military style, you will find two straps on each side along with hoop and loop strips that allow you to attach ID panels or pouches.

It is available in four colors and two sizes. The OneTigris Dog Harness is a great choice for a daily walk or during training sessions.

Side webbings let you connect pouches, so your dog can carry their own supplies and water.

Usefully, you can also attach badges and patches to the harness if you like. The OneTigris Dog Harness uses a durable and comfortable design that is easy to use.


  • The waterproof harness is completely adjustable.
  • You can customize the harness with badges and pouches.
  • It has a great overall quality.


  • The harness has a learning curve.
  • The clips are made with plastic.

7. HDP Dog Harness

Effective and a great value, the HDP Dog Harness is a great choice for large breed dogs.

It stops dogs from pulling but doesn’t choke them in the process. This is a very effective harness that you can use safely with older dogs thanks to its design.

Not only does this harness reduce discomfort, but the HDP Dog Harness also spreads out the pressure over their entire chest.

Featuring added padding, it also includes a built-in handle which is convenient for emergencies or when you see another dog on your walk. Made with durable polyester, this harness is easy to learn to use and doesn’t have a lot of give.

Perfect for medium to extra-large dogs, the HP Dog Harness remains comfortable when your dog pulls, so it isn’t effective in preventing pulling.

In essence, this no choke harness is a good choice for both elderly dogs and hard pullers.

Simple to use clip buckles help to stop dogs from squeezing out of the harness and comes with a wide chest distribution making it super comfortable.

Firmly attached to a center ring, the D-ring allows your dog to move freely, but still gives you a greater amount of control.

The HDP Dog Harness includes an extra handle and is machine washable.


  • This inexpensive harness uses an added handle for more control.
  • The harness design spreads the pressure out across your dog’s chest.
  • It’s made from a strong polyester material.


  • It doesn’t help to prevent pulling.
  • It tends to slip from side to side.

8. Kurgo Smart Harness

dog harness

While it may appear like a basic harness, the Kurgo Smart Harness offers several features.

Convenient and super effective, this harness has a dual design that replaces the need for two leashes.

This comfortable and lightweight harness comes with five points of adjustment along with quick-release plastic buckles.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is more expensive and looks more basic than most other harnesses of this type.

However, don’t let its looks fool you. Using a Nesting Buckle System, you can use this harness in the car to keep your pup safe as you drive.

This same design has also been used by climbers for added safety.

The five adjustment points ensure the stability and comfort of your dog.

The included chest pad can reduce stress against their major organs in case of an accident.

You can also use this harness on a walk by attaching a leash.

Available in several sizes, you are ensured to find the perfect fit for your dog.

In addition, you can use the front D-ring for a leash when you are training your dog not to pull while the back leash ring is great for jogging and daily walks.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness also includes a dog seat belt that restrains your dog and stops distracted driving.


  • You can use it for walking and in the car.
  • It may protect your dog’s organs in a big crash.
  • It comes with five points for adjustment.


  • It only fits dogs that are a specific proportion.
  • It’s on the expensive side.

9. Gooby Step-in Dog Harness

step-in dog harness

Specifically designed for small dogs, the Gooby Step-In Dog Harness is effective at keeping dogs from escaping.

The harness tightens when pressure is applied, this reduces the space inside the harness, which prevents your pup from getting free.

Flexible and padded, this harness is made with neoprene and molds to your dog. The Gooby Step-In Dog Harness includes padded shoulders made of compressed foam. This strong, but lightweight harness also includes POM hexagonal attachments and a leash ring.

You can adjust the firmness of the chest area to help the harness stay in place.

Ideal for dogs up to 30 pounds, the Gooby Step-In Dog Harness is easy to take off and put on.

It also has four points of adjustment with two on the chest and two on the neck providing you a perfect fit no matter what your dog’s body type is.

This harness can perfectly on your small dog or cat depending on the body type.


  • It’s a great sized harness for a smaller dog.
  • It will tighten with pressure.
  • The padded shoulders make it super comfortable.


  • It isn’t as durable as some of the others on this list.
    It’s a little difficult to put on with all the straps.

10. SCENEREAL Dog Harness

black dog harness

Perfect for large to medium-sized dogs, the Scenereal Dog Harness is customizable and features five areas of adjustment.

Constructed of polyester, this harness also includes a breathable mesh and soft neoprene lining.

The padded top handle makes it easy to control and lift your dog when necessary.

You get two choices for leash attachment with a metal ring on the front handle and a nylon loop behind it.

There is extra padding on the belly and chest of the harness that stops your dog from becoming injured from friction during training, biking, or running.

Offering great control, the Scenereal Dog Harness comes with two leash attachment points with a robust metal ring in the handle’s front and a second behind.

Lightweight and durable, the creators made the Scenereal Dog Harness with high-intensity, non-toxic polyester.

Inside the harness, you will find a breathable mesh that is comfortable and soft for your dog’s skin.

Plus, the edges of the harness are sewn with sturdy fabric that won’t cause friction.


  • It comes with five points of adjustment.
  • This harness is made with a breathable mesh.
  • It comes with two attachments for a leash.


  • It can be hard to adjust.
  • It’s hard to figure out how tightly you should adjust the straps.

Other Considerations When Choosing an Escape Proof Dog Harness


Visibility isn’t always a consideration high on a pet owners list, but it can be important for those owners that walk their dogs in the evening.

Reflective stitching on harnesses offer additional visibility, so cars will be able to see your dog easily.


A built-in handle can be a heady feature when it comes to having control over your pup.

You can easily pick up your dog or carry them over obstacles when needed. Plus, it can come in handy to get them in and out of the car.


Harnesses were first created to increase the safety of your dog, so it’s important to make sure that it has the safety features your particular dog’s needs.

A harness should be designed to reduce the possibility of neck injuries by distributing pressure all over their body equally.

A dog that suffers respiratory problems can also benefit from a harness since pulling when wearing a collar can cause them to cough.

Ensuring that your dog stays on their leash, an escape-proof harness will save you lots of time from chasing after them.

Always check for safety features on a dog harness and make sure that they have a strong enough design that your pup won’t be able to get out.

Safety features can include multiple attachment points as well as padded handles that let you pick up your dog or carry them if necessary.


While safety is a huge consideration for your dog, so is comfort.

You can’t assume every harness will be comfortable for your dog and some can even cause their skin to become irritated.

Look for padded harnesses if you have a breed with short hair and avoid harnesses with clips for hairier breeds that can get their hair stuck in them.

Remember, panels and edges on some harnesses also need to be cushioned.

Basically, you want your pup to feel comfortable while wearing their harness, but it also needs to be tight enough so that they can’t slide out of it.

Finding an easy to fit harness will save you tons of effort and time in the long run.

Should You Buy an Escape Proof Dog Harness?

In essence, an escape proof dog harness is great for anyone that owns a dog that likes to make a break for it.

Not only will it keep them safer, but it can also help dogs that pull from choking or becoming injured.

So, if you happen to own a magic dog that likes to disappear, an escape proof dog harness is well worth the investment to keep them safe and comfortable.

P.S – Better training can also help prevent escape behaviour in dogs. If you feel like your dog can improve in this regard, check out these great online dog training courses!

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