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There’s a reason why dogs have the epithet “man’s best friend.” They’re always happy to see you, they can help to ensure the safety of your family and they are a constant, loyal companion.

But sometimes, our furry friends, in their fun and fury, create infuriating messes. When your dog’s penchant for stinky things leads them directly to the trash can, disaster surely ensues.  So, if this sounds familiar, its time to consider a dog proof trash can.

Let’s face it – sometimes our dogs can be a handful. When we come home from a long day at work, the last thing we want to deal with is cleaning up a horrid mess.

The Problem:

Cue a welcome home present from doggie dearest ,who naughtily tipped over the trashcan. One can only guess what kind of nasty things comprise that mystery juice pooled up in the center of it all…

As frustrating and disgusting as the mess may be, there are ways of taking preventative measures to make life easier.

That said, if this does  ever happen to you, it’s important to try and identify what exactly your dog ate from the garbage.

When to worry

While some food garbage like watermelon rind may not be poisonous to dogs, it can still pose a choking hazard. 

In the unluckiest of cases, if your dog ate anything harmful or poisonous, spilled garbage is probably the least of your problems. 

Unfortunately, it may not always be obvious if your dog has been eating out of the trash. Typically, a dog will cause some garbage to spill out onto the floor, making their actions more obvious. 

However, if you enter a room with a non pet proof trash can and your dog is gagging or dry heaving, eating garbage should not be ruled out.  

1. Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel Step Can

Not only does this particular model sit at Amazon’s all-time number one, but they are also a brand most listed when searching for a dog proof garbage can.

This is a company that prides itself on making life easier and more efficient.

As well, it may be an excellent idea to peruse through Simplehuman’s Amazon store for other models available for use in dog proofing your home. Many have high ratings and review from many users for the purpose of having pets.

This sought-after trashcan has built-in wheels for ease of movement. Importantly, the stainless steel material gives weight to the bin and will prevent spillage from pets. The offer a 10-year warranty upon purchase because of their standards of quality of materials and engineering.

A Built-to-Last Foot Pedal

The pedal used to open the can will last for 150,000 steps or 20 years of stepping on it 20 times per day, as claimed by the manufacturer.

It also features a mechanism to keep the lid open for ease of cleaning the bin, changing out bags, taking out trash among other possible things for it’s use like yardwork.

The lid is also a technological marvel to behold. It’s quiet-closing and won’t create any unnerving noises and banging. The internal hinges protect walls from damages like bumps and scrapes. The surface is fingerprint proof so you dog won’t leave any marks or prints behind when wants to push on it.

2. iTouchless Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can 

This higher-tech trashcan is close second on our list of the 11 best dog proof trash cans.

The materials comprising this particular model not only make it easier to clean but also prevents smudges and fingerprints appearing on the outside. This an absolute plus for pet owners.

Interestingly, as the name suggests, this trash can is touchless. A wave of your hand opens and closes the lid.

As a result, one does not need to touch the garbage can at all, making this a very hygienic option. An easy-on and easy-off lock prevents dogs and cats from opening the sensor-activated lid. 

Odor filtering technology

Where this trash can really sets itself apart is in its AbsorbX Odor Filter. Basically, the odor filter is included to absorb and neutralize trash odors. This can make a big difference when it comes to how attractive the garbage seems to your four legged friend.

Quiet-Closing for Nervous Dogs

This means no loud noises or slamming when it shuts. This is excellent if your pet has nervousness issues or is easy to scare from things that bang, like slamming metal.

The rectangular shape of this particular trashcan makes it easy to fit anywhere and anywhere you need. 

At 26 inches high and an open area at the top just under 17 inches long and 12  inches wide, this trashcan is appropriate for smaller room sizes or where inconspicuousness is a factor.

3. Buffalowoodshop Wooden Trash Bin

Hand crafted from Eastern White Pine, these garbage bins are 27 inches tall and stained with several applications of clear coat for extra durability and protection.

This is a standard 13-gallon bin that doesn’t have an inner bucket or receptacle. They have hinged, lifting tops with a convenient rectangular shape. This means it’s compact design should fit anywhere you want to have it.

There are also furniture glides affixed to the legs to protect sliding on any surface. So, if your pup pushes the can, it won’t fall over and spill, it will just slide over the floor.

Customization May Be the Best Way to Go

Made by the owners of Buffalowoodshop themselves, you can customize some of the features to suit you and your needs to perfection, like the lengths of the hinges and stain color.

If your concerns for it are in it’s ability to prevent your dog from spilling it over, contact the owner through Amazon to discuss other materials they have available.

In essence, people who gravitate towards woody, rustic décor and tastes will love the feel and design that these trash cans reflect. Ultimately, the product reviews themselves boast about how unique and effective this product is. 

4. Amazon Basics D-Shaped Soft-Close 

A standard 13-gallon trashcan made of brushed stainless steel which stands at over 26½ inches tall.

As its name suggests, its shape comes in the form of the letter “D” and comes with a foot pedal allowing for easy access.

This lever also has an open mode to assist with trash removal and replacing garbage bags along with a removable inner bucket made of a very heavy plastic.

Light weight, smudge-proof, fingerprint resistant with a soft-close lid, this can is suitable for anywhere you need to put it. Basically, it has all the important points you’re looking for in a dog proof trashcan.

Non-Slip Rubber Padding

This is especially true with its unique feature of having non-slip rubber pads on the bottom which will keep it in place on any type of surface. For larger, bulkier dogs, this may be the perfect thing for you.

The style and look of this trashcan lends itself to contemporary décor for any office or living space where having a lustrous silver color will make this a beautiful accompaniment.

5. Ninestars OTT-50 Trash Can

The stainless steel base of this model by Ninestars make it a wonderful dog proof trashcan.

The fact that it is fingerprint resistant and features an sleek open top make this a great looking trash can.

A Perfect Fit Anywhere

This 13-gallon trashcan is 26.5 inches tall and a tinge oval in shape. There’s a garbage bag ring for a neat and clean appearance in any room you place it.

The silvery finish is desirable to be used as a dog proof kitchen trash can. That said, it could also easily suite a children’s room, pantry, dorm, living room or bathroom.

If you find pedal-operated or swinging lids to be cumbersome and pesky, then this may what you’re looking for. They offer a one-year manufacture warranty for parts and labor too.

6. Rubbermaid Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Trash Can

Since 1968, Rubbermaid has provided us with quality and durable products for storage and waste management. Sitting on Amazon’s “Best Sellers List,” you can never go wrong with any one of their trash cans for dog proofing your home or office.

This 25 inch-tall trashcan fits a 16-gallon bag. It’s made of plastic coated with a UV protectant which makes this lightweight and easy to handle. Its slim, rectangular design is an appropriate and amazing space saver. Due to it’s design in being resistant to weather, it may make the best for placing outside.

Special Designs and Accessories

Venting channels not only assist with ease in removing trash but also prevent the can from containing offensive odors.

It doesn’t come with a lid upon purchase, but you can buy a variety of lids to suit what you’re looking for as an accessory. They offer swinging or recycling lids along with cleaning caddies, wheeled dollies and so much more.

Although we are featuring this model for it’s popularity, you’d do well to look into their many other cans that sit on Amazon’s most top rated and featured garbage cans.

7. Glad Stainless Steel Step trash can

Glad by Volume Brands International has been a leader in waste management for several decades. This is why that are a prime candidate for the next on our list of the top dog proof trash cans found on Amazon.

This 20-gallon stainless steel sensation also incorporates clorox technology to help reduce smells, stinks and odors.

A trashcan that can help control any amount of stink should be a number one priority for any pet owner. It works in beautiful tandem with any standard 30-gallon trash bag.

Prevent Damages to Your Walls

Featuring a soft-closing lid and fingerprint-resistant surface, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t make soul-crushing noises or create damage to any walls it rests against.

There is also a storage area for bags in the back of the can and a bag ring to help keep a garbage liner in place.

Standing at over 29” tall, the rectangular features are excellent for placement anywhere you need at home or the office, inside or outside. They offer a five-year limited warranty for a can that is faulty or defective.

8. Home Zone Living Kitchen Trash Can

As we move down the list, we find this reliable dog proof trash can from Home Zone Living.

With a quiet-closing lid and high-quality stainless steel, this trashcan offers a rectangular shape with an anti-fingerprint glaze.

All this makes it not only easy to clean but it will also stick around for years to come. The shininess and sheen of this product will last for many years of use without dulling.

At 23 inches tall, 16 inches long and 10½ inches wide, you can place this indoors or outdoors at your home, office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, game room and museums. The brushed stainless steel metal makes it an excellent fit for those concerned with decoration, style and fashion.

A reinforced hinge controls the motion of the lid to ensure soft and secure closure. This trash can is on the quiet side, which is perfect if your dog is skittish. It also comes with a band around the inner rim to help secure your bag.

Removable Inner Bucket for Ease of Use

It has a removable inner bucket made of polypropylene with a handle that’s easy to use and ventilation holes.

This makes cleanup and taking out the trash a breeze. The ventilation holes also help in reducing stinks, smells and odors that may accumulate over time.

The stability and durability of this can’s materials make it perfect for those with rowdy puppies.

9. Brabantia Soft-Touch 

Dog proof trash cans produced by Brabantia are next on our top eleven list. Their Soft-Touch models are very attractive on Amazon and people tend to prefer the silver color called “Matt Steel FPP.”

These have top lids that open and close with a flat back on the basin of the can. This makes it perfect to place against a wall or other flat area.

The ventilation holes help prevent a vacuum effect when removing garbage bags and prevent odor from building up. The company recommends using their liners to get the best results.

Small, Sleek ; Fashionable

The Soft-Touch model is a slight bit over 28 inches tall and circular in shape being over 12 inches long and 11 inches wide.

Designed to hold eight gallons, this sleek and fashionable trashcan matches any décor in any part of the house or office.

Many people swear by it’s outer surface because it doesn’t sustain any paw or drool marks from your pets. This makes it very easy to keep clean and prevent any unsightliness for when you having company visiting.

You can submit a request to the company for a manufacturer’s warranty, although it’s unclear what that entails.

10. Umbra Venti Trash Can

Next at #10, Umbra offers a variety of dog proof trash cans but the Venti models tend to be the most popular among pet owners.

Although designed to hold 16 gallons, the Umbra Venti can accommodate trash bags intended for 20 or even 30 gallons. These are 35 inches tall but 28 inches without the lid and are 14.5 inches in diameter.

Convenient Swinging Top

These have a swinging top, which makes it easy to dispose of trash. There are rings located in the top that not only hide the garbage bag but also hold it in place. You can put these inside or outside at your home or business.

Polypropylene comprises the material of this trashcan along with brushed metal accents. This makes it easier to clean, care for and maintain without much hassle.  All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth or let it air dry.

The pewter and black colors allow for matching any décor, if that is a concern.

11. Kohler Step Trash Can 

And, at #11 in our lineup, this standard 13-gallon trashcan of white stainless steel with a fingerprint-proof finish. A hands-free lid with a very sturdy foot pedal that’s also quiet-closing make this an invaluable, economical choice.

It stands under 26½ inches tall and shaped as a rectangle for ease of placement anywhere in your home or office. It has clean lines and flush features that are great for placing it against areas like a cabinet or wall.

The plastic liner with accompanying rim lock make it easy to change out garbage bags and remove trash.  The foot pedal has an efficient foot print for ease of opening and preventing your foot from sliding.

Despite the white color, any stains, drool and paw prints from your puppy will be almost invisible. The surface will prevent smudging and maintain a clean look for quite some time.

Easy Cleaning

No need to use any abrasive cleaners to maintain the bright, white appearance. All you need is a damp microfiber cloth followed by a dry one.

They have a 10-year limited warranty that’s worth looking into in the event of damages or if you receive your product defective.

Lurking Dangers and Possible Health Problems

It’s not only the gross appearance and stink of the trash splaying the floor.

You don’t know how long it’s been sitting that way, or what the dog consumed throughout the course of it laying out on the floor.

Trash cans can contain some toxic and poisonous foods and substances that your dog shouldn’t ingest.

It gets worse…

Because things accumulate and meld together, toxic gases and other types of mini science experiments can occur.

This unfortunate situation can lead to serious health problems, including choking, digestive issues and death.

Therefore, it is imperative that you prevent this from happening to the best of your abilities. Investing in a dog proof trashcan may be the best option.

Before You Shop for a Dog Proof Garbage Can

The dog proof trash can reviews in this article are meant to summarize the all-round specs of some of the most popular and highly rated models.

That said, your unique situation will ultimately determine the best garbage can for you.

When shopping for a trashcan, make a list of things you want the can to do and the features that will best suit your purposes. Consider things like:

Type of material it’s made of

Many listed here comprise things like stainless steel and some are even plastic, rubber or polyethylene. Keep in mind, the material its made of will dictate it’s weight and durability.

Heavier trash cans may ultimately be more durable. Also keep in mind, the heavier a trash can is the harder it is for your pooch to knock over.

Odor deterrent and prevention

Ventilation holes and other technology are available in some models to help keep smells and odors at bay and away from the can. Ensuring the smell doesn’t become too enticing is a good way to deter your dog.

Where you plan to put it

Remember, you may require a smaller size trash can for bedrooms and bathrooms but larger sizes are good for the garage, backyard or kitchen.

The size and dimensions

As mentioned, where you plan to put it will determine what size you need. Most listed here are the standard 13 gallon, but some are smaller like eight gallons or as large as 20 gallons.

If your trash can location is on a shelf or in a cupboard, consider any size restrictions you should take into account.

How it opens

Do you want an open top or one that closes? It is common to see a step-style trashcan but there are also swinging ones as well.

Also, take into account any nervous conditions your dog may have about loud noises because top-closing lids can have the capacity to slam and bang.

How it will look against the décor

Consider how you want the trashcan to appear against the backdrop of everything else surrounding it.

Everlasting durability

How long you need it to stay in good, working condition? Do you plan on having it for the long haul or do you need it for a shorter period of time?

In essence, this is a short and small list of things and you can come up with your own requirements as you think of them, but this is an important step to take before buying a dog proof trashcan so that you get one that’s most effective for your use while at the same time ensuring you don’t waste money.

Your budget

Even though we aren’t going to discuss price tags here, it is an absolute must that you make sure a can doesn’t take over your budget.

Consider how much you can and are willing to spend on solving this problem.

So, here’s our guide to the top 11 dog proof trash cans available. Its time to stop your little barker from causing a garbage tsunami once and for all!

Getting the Right Dog Proof Trashcan is Important

If none of the dog proof trash cans listed above suit your needs or fit your fancy, do your own search on Amazon to find the right one. Yes, we listed some of the more popular but they have many more available with reviews denoting they are also just as good.

It’s important to do your homework and a bit of digging around before jumping the gun on a purchase.

Preventing messes and foreseeing possible problems are integral to owning a dog, especially if you know yours is rambunctious. Getting a dog proof trashcan can give you some peace of mind and leave your schedule open for other things, not a vicious cycle of cleaning up messes and trash.

Little things count and being smart about the trashcan you have when owning a dog can mean everything in the world.

The right pet proof trash can for you

As we mentioned, these reviews are designed to give you an idea of the best options when it comes to dog proof trash/garbage cans. 

That said, your specific situation will dictate the importance of certain features over others. Make sure to pay close attention to the features listed above to ensure you make the choice that’s right for you.

Keep in mind, even small-medium dogs can be quite good at toppling over larger trash cans.

If you have a crafty canine ( a Jack Russell Terrier, or a Feist comes to mind), you’ll want one with all the features.  

Let’s keep that rubbish, garbage, trash, waste – whatever you want to call it – in the can where it belongs!

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we’d like to stress that any time there is an undesirable behavior such as eating garbage, proper training is usually an effective solution.

Of course, getting a locking pet proof garbage can is a good step, but training your dog to not eat garbage should also be a priority. 

There are tons of resources available online to help you quickly and permanently train your dog to be more obedient.

Until next time, let’s keep our floors free of garbage, and our dogs healthy and safe!

Remember, if you suspect your dog may have eaten something harmful out of the garbage (remember, many human foods are toxic to dogs) please call your vet immediately. 


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